I hace a Push lawnmower, name brand is "WHITE" it has a 6.50 hp tecumseh engine, my question is which way does the blade attach to the blade attachment , in that it fits either way, and the book that comes with it, does not specify at all, it just says re-attach after sharpening, but I got it used, without the blade, bought a blade, and no directions on blade, the picture in the book does not show any details of the blade to deternine which way it goes on. to "Cut" not "mulch" do the bent sides along th center of the blade face the ground or the bottom of the mower deck, like I said, I want to "cut" not mulch. please don’t say the end tips should face up, becuase this happens no matter which way you flip the blade, since it a duel action blade, do those bend face down, to protect the bolt head from ground debris? or face up, to lock it better on the blade adapter? just alittle baffled, thank you.

The back of the blade is like a wing to lift the grass. So you want the bent up part to face the engine.
All the mowers I have rotate with a clockwise turn as you stand and look down on the mower. So the cutting edge will come at you on the right and away from you on the left as you push it. Of course that will be backwards if you have the mower turned upside down.